Keeping A Rental Property Safe

The rental market in San Francisco and throughout the Bay Area is notoriously tight and expensive. That is why it is important for tenants to know and understand their rights. Landlords are required by law under §1941 of the Code of Civil Procedure to maintain their properties, and to ensure that they are livable and habitable.

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What Are Landlords Required To Do?

Section 1941 of the California Civil Code addresses issues of tenantability and habitability in residential rental units. Landlords are required to maintain safe rental properties in accordance with the Health and Safety Code. The requirements range from effective waterproofing and adequate plumbing to heating and lighting systems that comply with building codes.

When a rental house or apartment is not up to code or when a landlord fails to make proper repairs to rental property, tenants should speak to a lawyer about their legal options. If a tenant receives a notice to vacate, an uninhabitable unit may be used as a defense to fight eviction.

Contact Our San Francisco Attorney About Your Lease

As a tenant, you have rights. One of your biggest rights is ensuring that you have a safe living environment. If your landlord fails to make adequate repairs or maintain his or her property, you may be able to recover financial damages. Contact us online or call (415) 523-5591 for a free phone consultation to discuss your case.