Defending Against Owner Move-In Evictions

San Francisco law allows for the eviction of a tenant if the owner wants to move into the unit, or if the owner lives in the building and the owner's close relative wants to move into the unit. These types of move-in provisions are often abused by landlords in an effort to evict tenants and to raise the rent.

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When Can A Landlord Move Into An Occupied Rental Unit?

It's true that the law allows a landlord to evict a tenant in order for the tenant or a close relative to move in. There are, however, detailed rules landlords must follow to do this.

For example, the property in question has to become the owner's primary residence. He or she must live there for at least 36 continuous months, and the move-in must be in good faith. In other words, it can't be done merely to get rid of a tenant.

The law also imposes limits of evictions against the elderly or disabled and provides for compensation for the relocation of tenants who have to relocate. This compensation is at least $4,600 per tenant.

How We Can Help You

Because of San Francisco's rent control laws, many landlords try to push longtime tenants out of their apartments so they can rent the space at a higher rate. Our law firm can help you push back against this. If the owner fails to follow the rules, the eviction may be invalid.

We will work to help obtain the following relief if you were wrongfully evicted:

• Prevent the eviction entirely
• Obtain another rental unit for you in a building owned by the same landlord
• Obtain compensation well in excess of $4,600

In several cases we have handled, we have obtained settlements in excess of $100,000 on behalf of our clients. However, there is no guarantee as to your results. It is important to hire a skillful attorney to represent your interests in any settlement discussions.

Get Experienced Legal Representation

Attorney Driscoll has been advocating for tenants' rights since 1991. He has represented tenants in owner move-in, relative move-in and unlawful detainer actions. He has helped prevent evictions in numerous cases and has helped secure his clients' rights using the power of the law.

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