Responding To A Landlord Relative Move-In Eviction

San Francisco and other communities in the Bay Area have rent control laws that permit evictions only in certain circumstances. The law allows a landlord to evict a tenant in order to have a close relative move into the unit. Sometimes these are legitimate actions, but in many cases the landlord is attempting to evict the tenant to get around the rent control laws.

If you have received notice that your landlord wants to evict you so that a relative can move in, speak with a lawyer at the Law Offices of James Coy Driscoll. We may be able to help you stay in your home or obtain the compensation you need in order to move.

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Protecting Your Rights As A Tenant

As with evictions due to owner move-ins, evictions due to move-ins by the landlord's relative have to comply with certain rules. If you are facing eviction in such a situation, we can protect your rights using the power of the law by exposing these violations.

It may be that the owner doesn't even live in the building. Or perhaps the relative doesn't honestly intend to make the unit you're facing eviction from his or her primary residence.

Our law firm has the knowledge of the applicable rent-control laws to assert your interests aggressively. We also know how to seek appropriate remedies, ranging from a stop to the eviction to a substantial cash settlement in addition to the mandatory relocation expenses required by law.

Another possibility is getting a unit in a different building owned by your landlord. No matter what your circumstances, we will act confidently to assert your rights, using our skills in litigation and negotiation.

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