Contesting A Tenancy In Common (TIC) Eviction

One of the most common evictions in San Francisco is owner move-in in which a landlord tries to evict a tenant so the owner can move in. Because of the tight rental market in San Francisco, a practice developed in which several owners of a building (as tenants in common) sought to evict multiple renters to free the building from rent control provisions or to create condominiums.

If you have received an owner move-in notice, your right to remain in your home is in danger. Call the Law Offices of James Coy Driscoll at (415) 523-5591 for a free consultation. We may be able to save your home.

How We Can Push Back On Your Behalf

There are often ways to counter tenancy in common, owner move-in or relative move-in evictions. In cases involving owner move-in and relative move-in eviction notices, the landlord might not have followed proper procedures.

Whatever the circumstances of the case, the Law Offices of James Coy Driscoll will carefully examine the facts and the law in order to seek the best possible outcome for you.

We may be able to stop the eviction in its tracks. Failing that, we can negotiate to obtain a cash settlement, an exchange for a rental unit in another building that the owner possesses or changes in your tenancy agreement that are favorable to you.

Do Not Be Scared By A Notice

Some owners try to panic a tenant into moving out by use of "advisory" or "warning" notices. If you have received such a notice, do not talk to your landlord or your landlord's agent such as your building manager. You may say things that could harm your interests. Our firm can advise you of your rights and actions, and we may be able to take action to help you stay in your home.

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