Strong Advocacy Before The Rent Board

San Francisco has a rent board that regulates many of the rental agreements and ordinances throughout the area. When a problem arises between a landlord and a tenant, it may be handled by the rent board. At the Law Offices of James Coy Driscoll, we represent tenants before the Rent Board.

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What Type Of Landlord-Tenant Issue Are You Facing?

At the Law Offices of James Coy Driscoll, we represent clients in various petitions in front of the San Francisco Rent Board, including the following:

  • Petition to decrease rent because of decrease in services
  • Appliances that don't work (dishwasher, refrigerator, etc.)
  • Unlivable conditions (no heat, leaking water, rains into unit, etc.)
  • Improper rent increase
  • Rent control issues

Some landlords are notorious for improperly raising rent, maintaining uninhabitable conditions and trying other ways to protect their interests. The unfortunate victims of these actions are the tenants. Our law firm provides tenants with a strong voice in front of the rent board, aiming to protect their best interests in every way possible.

Experienced Tenants' Rights Attorney

Attorney James Coy Driscoll has been a tenants' lawyer since 1991, representing tenants throughout the Bay Area. Our experience before the San Francisco Rent Board has earned our firm a solid reputation in tenants' rights issues. We aim to provide clients with options to resolve their tenant / landlord issues.

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