Protecting Tenants' Rights

  • Are you a tenant who is having problems with your landlord?
  • Do you have a Rent Board hearing scheduled?
  • Do you have a lease dispute?
  • Have you received a termination of tenancy or eviction notice?
  • Have you been served with court papers filed by your landlord?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, the Law Offices of James Coy Driscoll may be able to help. Our Bay Area eviction defense attorneys represent clients throughout San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley and other areas of California.

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What Type Of Landlord-Tenant Issue Are You Facing?

We handle a variety of landlord-tenant matters, including:

We will represent you aggressively and vigorously because we know that your home and future are at stake. You just need to hire us, and we will go to work for you.

Taking Steps On Your Behalf To Stop Eviction

In San Francisco, there are 15 grounds for a landlord to evict a tenant from a rent-controlled apartment or flat. Landlords know them all, and sometimes they stretch the law or break it to free up an apartment and raise the rent. James Coy Driscoll has been a tenants' lawyer since 1991, protecting tenants from evictions. We use the law to protect the rights and homes of our clients.

In numerous cases, we have stopped evictions and illegal landlord practices. Even when a landlord's eviction attempt appears to comply with the law, our aggressive defense of clients' interests can result in a significant cash settlement for the tenant. However, there is no guarantee as to your particular results. You should hire a skillful attorney to represent your interests in any settlement discussions with your landlord.

Contact A San Francisco Bay Area Tenants' Rights Attorney

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